M (snowym) wrote,

I've felt so stupid lately >.>... But I finally feel like the fog is lifting. I have no idea what was wrong with me. I know I'm no genius, but I could hardly think straight, and all eloquence I had ever owned had most definitely left me. My friends were getting a bit exasperated as my self beration, but I couldn't stop thinking about how awful it was that I'd become so dumb @_@. I just... I have no idea ^^;. I'm just glad that I feel like I can think again ^___^. I think it was all the work I had to do in such a short period of time... hopefully I won't become like this again when finals week starts up >.>;... Eh, if I do, I know it'll go away ^^. I was afraid it was some brain damage or something o.O;.

Oh dear lord, I'm so glad for the understanding friends that I have @_@. How they put up with meh, I twill nehvar know ^^;. *snuggles everyone* I need to know the secret, because I sure as hell can't put up with me sometimes ^^;;;.
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