M (snowym) wrote,

Ahhhhhh, I'm so looking forward to going to Japan now >.>;! Me and Noa's friend (Josh) knows the girl who went to Gakushuin last semester, and he got her (Michelle) to come sit with us at dinner tonight. I'm a lot less nervous now about some things, and she was able to tell us a whole lot more about the experience than our college correspondents could. Plus, she's going to tell me where all the good yaoi doujinshi and manga stores that are close to the dorms ^.^V. *cough* She was really nice, and we all swapped e-mail addresses for future abuse. She didn't know that much Japanese either when she went (although she knew more than we do ^^;), so that's a relief that she was still able to do well in her classes and navigate herself around Tokyo (not perfectly, but she didn't get permanently lost ^^;;;). I'm gonna do my best, but it'll be a huge help that me and Noa will be there together. Surely we twill be able to survive ^^. I gotta go get my passport tomorrow, because no one told us that we're supposed to get it months in advance @_@.

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