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The Show is the Rainbow

Congratulations, you're Drake/JJ. See? You do get lucky sometimes!
Which Pairing From FAKE Are You?

Yes, JJ is the greatest ^^. I love my dear little spaz boy. *glomp*

My mom is being crazy o.O. She's already got me packing up things for when I move out. And that's not until about 3 weeks o.O;. Oh well, guess she's ready to turn my bedroom into a exercise room or something. That's just too bad, my parents are stuck with me for awhile longer ^^. If my mom saw me typing this, I'd probably be in for a beating, but its true -.-;. While they're pining for Denton to come home, they're pining for me to get out. That's ok though, I think I need out of here for awhile. I need lots of homework, studying, and such to occupy me. I don't think I've ever looked forward to any type of schooling so much ^^.

The concert at the coffee house last night was awesome ^^. J-po danced. He is the best dancer in the entirety of the UNIVERSE I tell you ^^. Oh yeah, and Starfaadu was good too. I got wired on sugar, after drinking a 20 oz of hot chocolate, which was fun ^^. I can't wait to go to Stereo Static's next concert at the skatepark. I must see this one-man band that'll be playing. Ever since I saw the movie Mary Poppins, I've always wanted to see one ^^.

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