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Kaidoh in random dresses! Cause I get bored, and sketch scary things when I'm bored. *nodnod* Not finished pictures, and done in mechanical pencil. *can't find the elusive art box, which contains drawing pencils* Oh well ^^;. Look if boys in skirts don't cause you brain tumors.

Rated: PG13
Note: Dedicated to kishmet, whom picks out random dresses for me to doll Kaidoh up in. Kishu, if you're pervy for picking these dresses, then what am I for drawing them ^^;? I'll tell you what. I'm a-- *gets smushed by a censor block*

First attempt, which looks uber frightening to me ^^;... Kishu, Helen, and Chibi okayed it, though. Which leads me to believe they may or may not have been high ^^. *snugs them all*

The second attempt makes me happier. Kaidoh looks at least semi-alluring ^_^. Helen says Inui would not allow Kaidoh out of the house-- no room, with this dress on, so I say Kaidoh is a smart shopper ^.^V. Whoops-- made the picture too big on the paper, though ^^;. Poor Kaidoh, no room for his feet on the page. You'd think I'd be getting better at gauging the picture size by now -.o;.

Welp, that's enough of that. Errr... probably not ^^;. Watch out for more crossdressing!Kaidoh! Ruuuuuun!
Tags: fanart, kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated pg13

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