M (snowym) wrote,

I just now played Dance Dance Revolution for the first time in oh... 8 months? The very first game round I played, I smashed all of my old records by a couple hundred thousand points. What the hell o.O;? That makes no sense. I suppose it's my inner dancing diva crying to be released >.>;. *tries to stuff her back in a box* I'm very awake now. Activity, what's that? I'll try to play DDR more often. Who knows, maybe I'll get a bit thinner? Or perhaps pump up my muscle mass? *strikes a FIERCE! pose* Cause when I DDR, I don't just DDR. I flail. So much fun ^_^.

Eww, I'm gonna go take a shower now. *has been defeated by the DDR sprites, who love to boo M so much*

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