M (snowym) wrote,

Today was... actually, it was lovely ^^. And I don't say that too often ^^;;;.

Stallion's heeeeeeere! Stallion, Noa, and I (and don't forget Stallion's side-kick, Erik!) went to Springfield to shop. We all traded Christmas presents, and I was bestowed with a $10 bookstore giftcard and a dinosaur playset thing. The sad thing was, I already had two dinosaur toys in my purse (named Inui and Kaidoh, of course) ^^;. Me? Dinosaur fetish? Nah... or maybe >.>;. *cough*

Things at the mall were bought (panda shoelaces, two pairs of rainbow knee socks, a fishnet shirt, and the manga Love Mode ^.^V), and sushi was had (oh dear lord, Stallion ordered SHRIMP CARCASSES! or quite nearly >.>, we were all terrified), and everyone had a grand ol' time (after we laced our waters in the restaurant with ibuprofen ^^;). We didn't do anything immensely spectacular, but we just did what we always used to do, and it was fun ^^. I feel like an old lady, talking this way. Oh well ^^;.

Another day of fun shall have to be had like this, someday >.>. My soul will not rest until this final request is fulfilled! Or something! ^.^V!

I'm very sleepy now, I do believe shopping takes a lot out of me ^^;. The mall was so packed, I was quite sure I was going to have a breakdown of some sort. I managed not to though, so I feel very successful ^^. Shopping is much more fun on, say... Tuesday evenings, when NO ONE is in the mall ^^;. Oh well, I shall weather the evilness for my friends' and my own amusement. *nods fiercely, and strikes a vigilant pose*

I'm gonna go do something now. I have no idea what. It may involve dinosaurs, though. Cause now I have about 50 jillion of them. *nodnods, and skips away*

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