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Ahh! I actually did something yesterday! Crazy.

Me, Noa, and Stallion went shopping and to a concert yesterday. After we all spent a lot of money we shouldn't have, we went to the skate park to watch kids fall on their butts and see the bands. Of course, Denton's band was great ^^. But maybe that's just my opinion. Oh well, you're supposed to love and support everything your family does. And speaking of supporting your family... Denton was very much a shounen ai boy last night o.O;. And so was the rest of his band, and in fact (or in fiction, you decide), a lot of the people there. Too cute ^^. Poor Jason, he thinks Stereo Static is going to be known as the Gay Band from now on. I told him they should put stickers and smiley faces on all their stickers and t-shirts, to show everyone how happy they are of course. Denton tells me he's straight, but I'm just not sure about that anymore o.O;. Some random guy off the street that begs Denton and his roommate for money thinks him and his roommate are partners. And you know that random beggars are always right. Soooo, go Denton, whatever you do ^^;.

Oh yes, and Noa's traumatic event during the "one-man-band" (The Show is the Rainbow was his name o.O) was sad. After he sang songs about having sex with underaged girls (I wanna go to j-j-j-JAIL! for f-f-f-f-f-f-FU**ING you!), he of course put some stuff in his mouth, which I assume was some type of red jam, and started spitting it everywhere and wallowing on the ground. Some of him jam spittle got on Noa's dress and neck. I would've burnt my skin off where it landed if I were her o.O;. That guy crossed the line waaay too much for my tastes. I'm usually up for whatever wierd is going on, but I was so nervous watching him. I thought he was gonna tackle me or something. The grand finale was nice when he chucked a CD player over the balcony and nearly hit some skaters with it.

On a happy ending note, we saw a cute asian guy at the coffee house we played cards in ^^. That was a good thing ^^.

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