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The Great Hat Experiment

I have recently come across some astonishing information.

Kaidoh refuses to wear any other head covering, except for a bandana. This seems hardly fair to all his fans whom would adore to see his cranium topped with some other type of accessory. So, this has lead me to conduct an experiment. It was lengthy and tedius, and a few lab mice were accidently killed, but I think it was worth it. The pictures were difficult to snap, but I eventually got all the data I needed.

Hypothesis: No matter what hat Kaidoh wears, he will still look sexy.

Test 1: Bionicles Baseball Cap

At first, he didn't take well to wearing the cap, but I think that's mainly because I had to use my mad fighting skillz to wrench his bandana away from him. Also, he may not be a Bionicles fan, but the cap is shiny, so he was distracted long enough for me to put it on his head.

Result: I now have a new respect for baseball caps.

Test 2: Shiny Golden Turban

He was much more pleased with this hat, although I think the shiny factor had a large hand in that. He seems to become more docile when faced with glittery and bright things. Perhaps tennis opponents could use this to their advantage when playing him, although I don't think disco balls are allowed on the tennis court.

Result: Still hot. Strange, but hot. Turban fetish? Me? No, of course not. Unless Kaidoh is the one doing the turban'ing.

Test 3: Fez

The tassle served as great enjoyment. I think he is getting used to the hat changes. So far, as long as the hats are sparkly, he accepts them in eventuality.

Result: Why can't the shriners in my town look like this?

Test 4: Top Hat

Being the first non-sparkly hat, he was somewhat grieved to put it on. Through a bit of harassment and use of hand puppets, I was able to explain Kaidoh the neccessities of wearing a top hat. He liked the kitty sock puppet the best. After being thoroughly convinced, he even put it on himself. He was quite the gentleman, even though he hissed at me a few times.

Result: Weird, but perhaps a tuxedo was needed. Still looks good, in a smokestack kind of way.

Test 5: Flamingo Baseball Cap

Actually, I had to photoshop this on his head. He refused to wear it. It was quite disappointing, but I think this picture depicts what it might have actually looked like had he donned it. Perhaps the next experiment will be more successful.

Result: Need Kaidoh ever seduce a flamingo, I think this would be his hat of choice.

Test 6: Beret

Oh dear. Is it hot in here? *fans self* After this picture was taken, I ended up letting him keep the hat, in hopes he would wear it more.

Result: One of the best results yet. The hypothesis is clearly being proven so far.

Test 7: Pimp Hat

All the bitches and hos were thoroughly impressed. It was unanimous that all he needed was a cane, and he was set to make some "big g's." His expression was pretty consistent throughout the photoshoot, but just now did it truly make sense. Perhaps strengthening his pimp hand shall help him to improve the boomerang snake?

Result: Positive. If tennis ever fails for Kaidoh, he can always make some money this way.

Test 8: Kitty Ski Cap

Clearly the most enjoyable test out of them all. As soon as this hat was pulled on (and he accidently bashed his head on a desk corner), he accepted the persona of the kitty, and Kaidoh's inner feline was released. Kaidoh's inner kitty also likes to scratch things apparently, though, so this was also the most expensive test of them all, as now my furniture needs replacing.

Result: CUTE! Things got a little hot and heavy when he attempted to clean himself via tongue bath, but we rushed him to a doctor, and he only had a mild concussion.

Overall Results: Kaidoh, no matter what is perched atop his head, manages to remain consistently good looking. Perhaps if there is another season of Prince of Tennis someday, he shall vary his hats a bit more. His bandana is a wonderful accessory though, and I'm sure we all shant be sore if he does not take my advice. I'm not even sure if he'll remember any of this day, as he got that concussion during the last test, but we can hope.
Tags: kaidoh, photoshop, prince of tennis, rated pg

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