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[PG13] Now and Forever - Tachibana x Tezuka

Title: Now and Forever
Author: M snowym
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Tachibana x Tezuka (aka DotToast BananaBread, depending on your preference)
Rating: PG13
Warnings: mentions of lovin', self-lovin', and love in general
Word Count: 586
Note: Written for kishmet, because she requested a Tachibana x Tezuka story with the word "gazebo" in it. Kinda crack'y, kinda non-sensical, but I felt like ringing in the New Year by writing a fic while listening to the new Ichinen song ^_^. Ah, such good crack, I think I'll be high for weeks. It's not very beta'd, so sorry if the grammar is terrible ^^;;;. Hope you like your fic Kishu ^^. If anything else, HAPPY NEW YEAR! *glomple*

Tachibana Kippei had gone off the deep end.

“I’ll give you a big wedding ceremony.”


“And a house.”


“And a car.”


“And a gazebo.”

“Tach-- wait, what?”

Tezuka could hardly get out the other’s name, let alone a protest to the strange behavior. Although, during Tezuka’s brief moment of confusion, this simply became not important anymore. Mainly because when his mouth had been hanging open slightly in bewilderment, Tachibana had taken full advantage of that. Perhaps “I’ll give you tongue” had also been on that long, scary list that was probably entitled “If You’ll Be Mine Forever.”

Tezuka did not particularly believe in forevers, but the now was definitely nice, and he didn’t mind letting himself get caught up in it. He allowed the hands on his chest to push him down on the couch cushions, before allowing his own to wander up to and through short-cropped, black hair. Shoes, socks, shirts, and anything else in the way was soon after discarded, but just when things were getting to be skin kissingly, hair yankingly, boxer discardingly good, Tezuka got a terrible feeling of déjà vu.

Of course, it might be reasonable to get that feeling now. Certainly, it wasn’t their first time doing this. But no, no matter how many times Tachibana lapped at his navel, no matter how many centimeters he eased Tezuka’s boxers down his hips, he could not force his brain to reconnect with the scenario again.

So he woke up. And dammit, he was hard.

The déjà vu made sense, because how many times had he had a dream similar to that? As if Tachibana didn’t touch him enough when he was awake, now his dreams were constantly plauged.

Giving a glance to his cellphone, he thought about calling his lover over, but the fear of repeating the conversation from his dream still lingered, causing his hand to freeze before punching in the number.

With ever the self control of a saint, Tezuka made to go to sleep once again. ‘The thought of forever’ still loomed menacingly in his mind, and he just wanted to let his mind forget it for now, which meant not thinking about Tachibana. If he did that, then he might think about the other and-- and fine. Just a few strokes.

He most certainly did not softly cry out “Kippei!” as he dug his heels into the mattress and came.

The next time Tachibana and Tezuka were out walking, Tezuka saw a gazebo. Naturally, with what his brain had been terrorizing him with during his unconscious hours, he halted with a stricken look on his face. Truth be told, his frightened expression didn’t look that different from his joyous or enraged facial expressions, which explained Tachibana’s next question.

“You like gazebos, Tezuka?”

Had he not had the dream three times since, where Tachibana offered to give him a gazebo (although the other offerings tended to vary, from dogs to having a park named after him), he might have been fazed. Instead, he shook the fog from his brain, and urged the other to keep on walking, mumbling under his breath that "he’d rather have a car."

Forever could be worried about later. They could be together for now, and perhaps he’d give his nows to Tachibana for forever, or something confusing like that. Tezuka from that point decided to ignore his brain’s ramblings, and loosely intertwined his hand with Tachibana’s own.

Anyway, if he asked, Tachibana would somehow get him a gazebo.

By the way, if anyone still wants to request something, just do so HERE. *is kinda-sorta working on getting these done in no certain order* ^.^V!
Tags: fanfiction, prince of tennis, rated pg13, tachibana x tezuka

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