M (snowym) wrote,

I haven't posted about personal stuff in awhile, although nothing major happened ^^;.

Finished reading Battle Royale by Koushun Takami... Ahhh! It was great @_@. Never read such a gory novel before in my life, and I was scared to death of reading it at first, but I really liked it. When I walked out of Barnes & Noble with it in my hands, I almost promptly returned it ^^;. But I'm glad I read it, and everyone else should go read it too. *nodnod* Despite the constant deaths going on, my inner yaoi fangirl still popped out for the Shinji Mimura x Yutaka Seto sections. Too cute ^^. Yuichiro Takiguchi, you were the cutest character ehvar, RIP ;_;. Your shy otaku'ness made me squee. Run Shuya, run! *is still high from reading it*

I joined some workout gym club thingy for three months (up until I leave for Japan), because dammit, I'm bored sitting in the house. I went there for the first time today, and found out it was some weird kinetic thing o.O;. You're on each machine for 30 seconds, and then you go onto the next one, with little jogging squares in between. All the workout stuff is set up in a big circle. It's really weird, but it was nice to exert some energy. Plus, no one I used to know tried to harass me, which was surprising and nice. God, I hate small-town life.

Yeah, not much happened ^^;. Still have some drawings and fanfics in progress, so hopefully I'll be able to post some more fanworks in the near future. I do believe I scarred Helen and Trinity with a work-in-progress the other night >3.

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