M (snowym) wrote,

Notquitezen.net status:

Main Site - Layout finished (chibimono's domain)
Sempai & Kohai (InuKai dj site) - Layout Finished
Chibi's Section - Layout finished for chibimono
My Section - Layout Finished for snowym
Helen's Section - Layout Finished for disutansu
Kish's Section - Layout Finished for kishmet

All the layouts are finished, and everyone's fics are currently being sorted and such. Organization is not my strong point, but I'm working on it ^^;. Gomen nasai Chibi-senpai for taking so long >.>;. I forgot to work on it for random long stretches of time, until something randomly reminded me of it (sometimes a prodding from you >.>;;;). I'm a loser, but this is generally known information, so no need to drudge it up ^^;. I'll get some content up very soon, and everything will be all neat and tidy, and easily viewable. And I'll teach you how to easily update your sections of the site, so you can update whenever you want. I'll catch you online, and we can talk about that ZoLu doujinshi section of the site you mentioned. *nodnodnodnodheadfallsoff* Sorry again for the wait, I'm a terribly insolent kouhai >.>;.

Wow, when did it turn 5:20am? I guess I'll get to bed before someone wakes up and freaks out at seeing me still awake ^^;;;;;;. *has happened before*

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