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Birth of a new obsession: Kirito x wheelchair

I just watched the Yuuyami Suicide PV by Pierrot. I had a slight feeling of deja vu. It reminded me a lot of the Illuminati PV by Malice Mizer, except with a purpose. Creepy o.O;. I shall sum it up simply: Gratuitous Kirito in wheelchair, gratuitous commitment ceremonies, gratuitous makeout seshes, and gratuitous man-bitches and dominatrixes. Ah, how could anyone ever pass on such a PV as that? No one will ever know -.-. It was actually quite good though, it made me love the song even more ^^. I had a sudden "huh?!" feeling after watching it the first time. Then I watched it again, and it all clicked into place. I think the cute guys kissing distracted me the first time I watched it from the semi-plot. Oh well ^^;.

Agh. My brain won't shut up. It just keeps on thinking, thinking, thinking. Here's an excerpt of what's going on in it right now: "--bunnies in the tree, I wish they'd stop it. How do you feel Mr. Gwathmey? Huh? Oh, ok. What girl, you want me to shut up? Well, ok then, I guess I've been annoying you lately... *blissful silence for about two seconds* HAH! Fooled you. So, now about those bunnies, they were really distracting me the other day. Shinya Shinya Shinya Shinya Shinya Shinya Shinya Die Shinya Gackt Shinya bunnies Shinya Shi--." I'm going insane, or even more so, I think. I mean, bunnies? *sniff*

My current icons (made by lirimaer) have taken a turn for the kawaii-ness. Haitsu ^^. They please me muchly ^^.


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