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[FIC] Avogadro Block [InuKai - PG]

Title: Avogadro Block
Author: M snowym
Pairing: InuKai
Rating: PG
Warnings: nekkid boyz in bed, skin abrasion, fluff
Word Count: 671
#6 - Curiosity for 30_cracks
Note: I was stuck in the campus coffee shop for a couple hours today, so I whipped out my handy dandy notebook and wrote something. I was incredibly tired, so disregard the... umm... 'ness of it all. *nodnod* And if you don't know what the hell Kaidoh's doing, just scratch your arm ^^;;;.

God, Inui was pale.

He wasn’t just white. He was practically translucent.

How in the world did he keep from getting sun burnt? Surely, anyone else would be roasted with that light of skin. Kaidoh would never believe that the other spent hours upon hours outside daily, playing tennis, running and training.

Perhaps he had developed 6.02 x 1023 SPF sun block. It was probably too strong, and had started removing pigment somewhere along the way. So, when the day came that Kaidoh wrapped his arms around the other and saw his limbs through him, he would not be surprised. He would have to locate the bottle of the surely near toxic substance and hide it. He refused to have an invisible boyfriend. Living a life with a theme that could be used for a weekly television show seemed a bit cliché.

Inui was sleeping, and they were currently cramped together on Inui’s narrow futon. Sleep overs were something most boys would have grown out of a long time ago, but neither of their moms objected. Neither Kaidoh nor Inui mentioned it was most likely from their lack of friendships they’d had through childhood. There was no need, they both knew they were socially inadequate. Talking was overrated, as Inui had proved when he’d pushed Kaidoh down on the futon as soon as they walked into the bedroom. Their moms didn’t need to know about that, though.

Which brings us back to the point in a very roundabout way that, yes, Inui was indeed incredibly pale. Or wait, did it? Anyway, he could tell, as the whole expanse of Inui’s back was right in front of him, as the older boy lay on his side facing the wall, deep in sleep. Kaidoh blushed as he saw the red, damaged skin in stripes across Inui’s shoulders. He would have to take pity on the other, and trim his nails soon. That looked painful.

Tracing the lines very lightly with his finger tips, he let his hands wanter further downward, over protruding shoulder blades, and ghosting down each vertebrae of the spine. Inui shuddered at bit in his sleep.

The other boy really was beautiful. He was reminded of european statues he’d seen in his text book, elegantly carved out of marble.

So Kaidoh started a bit when he accidentally brushed his nail a bit too hard along the skin. He was worried for a moment that he’d woken Inui up, that he had somehow put a chip in the statue. But no-- the other’s breathing was still even and deep, and undisturbed.

Kaidoh stared in fascination at the spot where he’d just let his nail brush. It had gone completely white at first, before in flushed a light pink color as the blood rushed in, which stood out like a beacon on Inui’s skin. He supposed there was some scientific reason that the academically gifted boy could have explained about the body’s reaction, but he was much too rapt in his morning musings to care too much.

He let his nail flit softly across the skin again. And again. And before long, without exactly realizing it, he drew more and more lines, combing them into something much more significant.

In glaring, fleshy pink, Inui’s back had “MINE” scrawled across it.

He learned that word in english class lately. An indication of possession. It’d popped into his head when thinking about the older boy, and he wondered if Inui thought the same. He wouldn’t mind if he did. Thank god Inui was asleep. He was being much too mushy and girly for his own liking. Plus Inui knew just as much english as he did, so it’d be embarrassing to have Inui witness him scrawling out silly love sentiments.

Inui just smiled as he felt Kaidoh wrap his arms around him, making sure to maintain his even breathing. Sleep reclaimed them both eventually, thus ending the secretive moment.

Although, even to this day, Inui remains to be pale.
Tags: 30_cracks, fanfiction, inui x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated pg

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