M (snowym) wrote,

I got to see my brother today, which was nice ^^. Me and my dad drove up to Springfield to force dinner upon him, and as soon as he arrive at the restaraunt, I think I laughed for five minutes. Denton has grown a beard and mustache, it is way too much of a pity I didn't have my camera ^^;;;. Oh dear lord, I don't think I ever considered him doing that, it looked so gruff and wilderness'y ^____^. *will probably continue to giggle madly for awhile*

Work didn't suck too badly tonight, which was a nice change ^^. It was supposed to be my day off, but I covered for Christine (whom is so nice, I couldn't really refuse @_@, how can one lady be so sweet?). I found out random interesting things about two of the baggers, Caleb and Daniel. They both like blowing things up and setting things on fire. Chris puts an M160 in a frog's mouth every 4th of July (omg, I wailed at him for that o.O;). Caleb uses a lighter to burn ants. Chris collects plastic receipt rolls, and used to have paper towel eating contests with his friends. Caleb once accidently hit a squirrel at the golf course by hitting it with a ball, but when he checked on it the next day, it was gone. These boys crack my brain ^_^;;.

Time for beeed, for I have work again tomorrow. Oyasumi~<3! *wanders off to collapse*

Note: Heleeen, I would've gone to bed earlier, but I somehow downloaded a random Yamada D manga without knowing it o.O;. I'll make sure to send it to you tomorrow, it is supah awesome ^___^. Yamada D-eeeee! *cheers*

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