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[FIC] Self Defense [InuKai - PG]

Title: Self Defense
Author: M snowym
Pairing: InuKai
Rating: PG (for Perverted Guy-- as deemed by disutansu)
Warnings: perversion, sharing of body heat
Word Count: 414
#25 - To touch the Devil is to die for 30_cracks
Note: Thanks disutansu for the beta ^.^V! It's been approximately 7 months since I wrote this idea down, and half-hashed it out, and I stumbled upon it in my notebook today ^^;. So here's my belatedly finished fic! This was written at the same time as disutansu's fic (Melted Ice), so if you think I stole the idea... well then, yes. I did. *nodnod* Mwhahaha!

Kaidoh trembled a bit as he ran his hands over his bare arms. It was difficult to warm one’s body when wearing such little clothing in the severe winter temperatures. A tank top and shorts were okay for summer, but apparently morning repetition got the better of him as he pulled on the climate-inappropriate outfit and headed out into the cold day.

He sucked in a few icy breaths to try and ready himself for the last portion of his jog. But before he could start off again, he was abruptly encircled by a pair of arms, trapping his own at his sides. It was suddenly very warm, which was nice, but he wasn’t about to share body heat with some perverted old man. He tried flailing first, but that didn’t quite work, as his arms were pinned. Biting didn’t work either, as he couldn’t crane his neck far enough to allow his teeth a good hold on a chunk of flesh. Just as he brought his foot up behind him to attempt the ultimate cheap shot that would cause any attacker, or man for that matter, to crumble to the ground...




They stood in the middle of the sidewalk, the two boys huddled together under Inui’s large coat, which was encasing them both.

“It is not wise to jog in such attire under these conditions. I am fortunate to have followed you out here. Otherwise, it would have been detrimental to your health.”

“Ah, I suppose so... wha? You followed me?!”

As Kaidoh jerked around in surprise, he registered the cheek pressed to his own, the hand splayed on his stomach, and the chest pressed along his back.

Inui really was a perverted old man!

Kaidoh once again tried flailing, biting, and his devastating foot-to-groin lash-out, but he quickly stilled. Inui’s lips were pressed gently to his neck. That was his ultimate weak-point dammit, and the other knew it well.

It sure felt nice, though... No one else was around, anyway. Maybe it was a little too cold for running.

He didn’t fancy the idea of having a boyfriend that would sooner stalk him than call him on his cellphone, not that he would really entertain the idea of being with anyone other than this perverted old man with stalker-like tendencies.

Kaidoh leaned back into the embrace, icy breath puffing past his lips that were curled into the semblance of a smile. There would be time to harm Inui later.
Tags: 30_cracks, fanfiction, inui x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated pg

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