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[FIC] Up Against the Wall [InuKai - G]

Title: Up Against the Wall
Author: M snowym
Pairing: InuKai
Rating: G
Warnings: more, more, moooor~e
Word Count: 187
#30 - Cracks for 30_cracks
Note: I just wrote this randomly while in the sun room at campus today. I felt like writing some emotion'y thing, and Kaidoh wanted to tell me his piece about Inui, soooo, here ya go. I can't deny Kaidoh when he wants me to write down his thoughts ^^;;;.

I wish he would say something.

Not just some long-winded breakdown of how many sit-ups I should do a week, and why, but actually something.

I thought maybe one day we’d go beyond the laws of the senpai-kouhai relationship and become something more, but this has yet to happen.

Because really, does this distant, half-done connection we have count as a friendship?

I want to know what he watched on TV last night.

What he studied.

Hear about the newest terrible concoction he made.

I want to talk about something. Something other than training, tennis, and health. Not about the future, or how I’ll reach the best possible course to the pro league in ten-easy-steps (1 - train, 2 - play tennis, 3 - train, 4 - sleep, 5 - train, etc.). I want to talk about now, and about what makes us us.

This lukewarm friendship between us makes me ill. I want more.

I want to know more about him.


“I like you, Kaidoh.”

Kaidoh couldn’t answer his senpai yet, but after that, they did talk.

And the wall they’d forced between each other cracked just a little.
Tags: 30_cracks, fanfiction, inui x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated g
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