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Yes! I'm not dead yet! I'm all moved into my dorm room at college. Me and Noa are roomies, and Stallion is over here so often she might as well live here ^^. We went to the pet store yesterday to get fishies. Noa bought two $2 goldfish (Kano and I'm not sure of the other's name). I got a fish for 13-cents. I named her Desdemona because she's pure evil (and she's about 1/2 an inch long). They're all so happy in their fish tank ^^. Well, except for Desdemona, when Kano tries to eat her o.O;. I hope she's okay while I'm gone.

Yesterday I was pretty miserable -.-. I was burnt to a crisp for the two band practices (which lasted 7 hours each o.O;). And then my arms were sore from moving. But I'm, as I implied in my first sentence of this entry, not dead yet. I have to go to English 101 now. I want to let all the 4 people who read my live journal know that I'm not dead in a ditch somewhere ^^;.

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