M (snowym) wrote,

that emotion crap and a pik-a-tur

Gomen everyone for being such a wuss. My emotion neural endings are raw right now, I'm afraid if I show anymore at the moment, they'll explode, and my whole body will combust into flame, or something interesting like that. I've been having a hard time being myself lately, I've once again regained "omg, I'm a mess"-status. Somehow, that's become the norm lately. I've already had a good dose of contemplative solitude today, so I feel a bit better. Mlaaaaargh, I just want to feel okay again. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me.

I painted a random picture yesterday, even though I realized I only had two different colors. My mother made a very ass'like comment about it as I was doing it, and then later when it was done, she asked me if she could have it. Go figure, but hey, it's incredibly rare when she actually likes anything I make.


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