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[FIC] Distractions of a Kira-Kira Nature [InuKai - Light R]

Title: Distractions of a Kira-Kira Nature
Author: M snowym
Pairing: InuKai
Rating: Light R
Warnings: molestation under severe distraction, sparkliness abounds
Word Count: 1398
#35 - Haha... for 30_cracks
Note: This goes out to kishmet, because she has wanted me to finish this for like... forever. Sorry ^^;. I started this forever ago, and decided to finish it today, so sorry if it seems like I rushed it or anything. I just wanted it to be done, so it wasn't sitting unread on my hard drive ^^;;;.

In the extended period of time that he and Kaidoh had been going out, Inui had definitely noticed that Kaidoh had a certain... affinity for shiny, brightly colored objects. To call it lust might be unfair, but shortly put: Kaidoh really, really, liked sparkly things. He’d always toyed with the idea of shining a flashlight on a wall, just to see if Kaidoh would give chase. Information like that, Inui could definitely use to his advantage. Ii data.

On more than one occasion, Inui put aside his pride and fashion sense (which was questionable to begin with) just to get a little extra attention from his boyfriend.

He was currently sitting on the floor of his room, sifting through a box that held just these items which made Kaidoh see only him (or more correctly, see the item on him... but since he was the one wearing it, it still counted). Kaidoh couldn’t keep his hands off him when he donned these things.

Metal studded belt. A smile immediately lit Inui’s face as he pulled it out of the box. Last time he wore this, Kaidoh was constantly lifting his shirt up to see it, playing with the studs that caught the light continually. When Kaidoh had traced the top of his belt, fingering the buckle transfixedly, Inui lifted up Kaidoh’s shirt and did the same to him. After blushing profusely, the younger boy kept his hands to himself, realizing the display he was probably putting on at Inui’s house. Inui’s mother just smirked in amusement. She muttered something about how young love was nice, before continuing the conversation.

Magnetic earrings. Getting a piercing wasn’t really an option, but the magnetic studs were a sufficient alternative. It had definitely felt nice, Kaidoh playing with his ears like that, fingers ghosting along the shell of his ear, before inevitably coming back to the shiny metal, watching it glint in the light. After some coaxing, Inui finally got Kaidoh into a questionable position, and was able to steal a few kisses and touches. Kaidoh’s tongue flicking out over his earlobe, swirling around the small piece of metal was still ingrained fiercely in his mind.

Belt chain. The day Inui wore that, Kaidoh had led him everywhere around the mall by it, never losing contact. It seemed very kinky to Inui. They had gotten a lot of questioning stares from random passer-bys, but being mistaken for Kaidoh’s love slave or whatever they were thinking wasn’t too bad of a situation. When Inui eventually started calling Kaidoh ‘master,’ the chain was quickly released, much to Inui’s disappointment. Oh well, it was worth seeing that blush rise on his cheeks so quickly. Plus, now that the idea had been put into the other boy’s head, he might possibly feel comfortable playing master and servant at a later date.

Sparkly metallic scarf. Inui thought Kaidoh was going to kill him that day. He endlessly played with the ends of the scarf-- twisting, stretching, pulling-- until the article of clothing was so tight around his neck, breathing was not an easy task. Kaidoh would then apologize, loosen the scarf, and the whole process would start all over again. As punishment, he talked the other into warming him up, since wearing the scarf was causing more harm than good. Someone walked by their little secluded spot and saw them, so Inui, not for the first time, sported one of Kaidoh’s hand prints across his cheek. Inui knew Kaidoh liked sparkly things, but he also knew that Kaidoh was not in favor of being caught doing things that were, in Kaidoh’s opinion, better left indoors. Under lock and key, preferably under a sheet. When Inui’s mom wasn’t home. Which was fine, because Inui’s mom wasn’t home that often anyway.

Lots of other objects were strewn around inside the box. Countless sequins, rhinestones, and packets of glitter were lumped together, along with bottles of nail polish, jeweled necklaces, rings, and even a pair of shiny pleather pants lined the bottom of of the container. After assessing the contents of his “Kaidoh-Sparkly-Box,” something caught his eye, lodged between a pile of rhinestones and a collar.

Picking up the small item, he couldn’t help but let the maniacal laugh fall from his lips.

“Ahhah.. Ahhahahah... AHHAHAHAAHAHAHAH--” Inui stopped abruptly, hearing a loud knock on his door.

“Sadaharu, stop that this instant. You know the rules. Evil laughing is reserved for the laboratory.”

“Ah, please forgive me mother.” Inui bit his lip to keep from any more laughter spilling out. This would be too good. Kaidoh didn’t have a chance.

Inui pocketed the object and began the preparations.


“Ah, senpai... It’s... It’s...” and Kaidoh could say no more, as he was officially distracted by the blinking lights. And the disco ball. And the glitter. And more glitter. And the rest of the glitter. There was definitely a lot of glitter.


“Yeah,” Kaidoh breathed. Inui smirked. The lock clicked.

Operation: Distract Kaidoh was working quite incredibly. Never would he suspect that his wildest calculations would come together so flawlessly. Inui decided to test the waters. He pulled off his glasses and set them on the desk next to a fiber optic mermaid figurine, which was having a hard time choosing between being blue, pink, or green.

Gently cupping Kaidoh’s cheek in one hand, the younger boy’s eyes slowly drifted from the bedazzled world Inui had created, and locked onto Inui’s own eyes. Possibly the only thing in the whole that wasn’t emanating twenty different colors at once.

Once again because of the his boyfriend, Inui would have to throw his calculations out the window. Instead of the 84.3% chance that Kaidoh would become dizzy with the multitude of glimmering objects he so adored, and fall prey to Inui’s advances in his confusion, instead he was ignoring everything else. He was leaning into the hand Inui had placed on his cheek, even doing something that might even be classified as nuzzling, with a determined look in his eyes. Did Inui have a percentage for this scenario? If he had, he’d disregarded it, scoffing at the almost nonexistent chance of it happening.

Having the other being a willing participant in such activities was just not possible. Kaidoh’s hand was sliding around the back of his neck, brushing at the fine hairs on the nape of his neck, tugging his lips down within striking distance. It still wasn’t possible. His ecchi influences certainly hadn’t had this much influence on the other in such a short amount of time. Certainly it’d take a few more years to have Kaidoh willingly breaking his chastity.

And suddenly, Inui didn’t care if it was possible, because Kaidoh was panting openmouthed against his own oral cavity, running his tongue lightly along lips, asking and seeking entrance, which really didn’t need asking for.

Inui wrapped his arms around Kaidoh, pulling the other close, and for the first time, Kaidoh pulled Inui closer in return. No hesitation, no struggling, no shame.

Somewhere along the line, Kaidoh had been ready, and Inui had missed it. Flawed data was inexcusable, but he couldn’t bring himself to quite care at the moment.

Inui reached into his own back pocket of the shiny pleather pants he was wearing (his other hand was currently fisted in Kaidoh’s hair, as he tried to figure out of he could force their mouths any closer without breaking any teeth). His fingers fished out a small rainbow foil square that had been lodged into the tight pocket-space, and he considered for a moment, before tossing it in some vague direction. The rainbow condom had been the inspiration for this evening, but he was tired at Kaidoh getting dizzy from other objects. The other would have to be satisfied with being in a haze from Inui’s own advances and body.

Shininess wasn’t the only seduction tactic he had, and that was a nice thing to know. Kaidoh wasn’t staring at the lights, he was staring at him. From now on, Inui decided he would use his own means to seduce the other, as he unbuckled Kaidoh’s belt. The new data he was taking currently showed that his own fingers and lips were sufficing anyway.

Besides, it would be a bitch to clean up all this glitter every time he wanted Kaidoh like this.

If anyone cares to know, this fic was based off of this photoshop edit I made a long time ago:

You know the shiny rainbow condom ownz you.
Tags: 30_cracks, fanfiction, inui x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated r

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