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Feb. 11th, 2006

Man, my eyes are so bleary right now from watching the olympics. Figure skating always knocks me out ^^;, but I got to watch the moguls, which makes me very happy. I have no idea who the hell thought up that sport, but it amuses me lots ^^.

Today was my brother's birthday, he is officially 24 today. It's always nice seeing him, because I definitely don't see him as much anymore >.>;. One or both of us is always busy. I'll make him have a day of fun with me before I go to Japan though. *nodnod*

Work is so stupid. I'm absolutely sick of dealing with idiotic customers and harsh managers and hopeless coworkers. But I only have to work there for about a month and a half more, and then I will do my best to never end up working there again ^^;;;. I know other jobs suck a lot too, and everyone has their own pissed-off/sob story, but this place just really isn't for me @_@;. After I got off work yesterday, and went out to my car, my mom called me. I almost started crying when she asked how my day went -.o;. Summer Fresh will not get the best of me. Summer Fresh will not get the best of me. Summer Fresh will not get the best of me. *deep breath* ^.^V!

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