M (snowym) wrote,

Welp, I went to the eye doctor today (one of the few doctors whom I'm not inexplicably terrified of), and I now have a pair of glasses. I shall pick them up tomorrow. Apparently I have some weird form of far sighted'ness, where my vision is 20/20 still. I have no idea, as the doctor gave me a lengthy explanation that I didn't really understand, as I'm not an optometrist. Like... my vision is only 20/20 because my eyes are constantly adjusting and straining or whatever, which would explain the headaches, and the days where if I open my eyes, it feels like my head will split apart. I only have to wear them when I'm studying or reading, and he told me to stop reading when it's dark (how did he know o.O;?).

I don't really mind, except for the fact that 5,000 people at the grocery store are going to ask me if I got glasses. And I will look at them through my glasses, and let them think up an answer to that themselves.

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