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Today was pretty good ^^. I woke up at an obscene hour of the morning, like usual (specifically: 6:45am -.-;), and went to classes. Marching band was strange though. My section actually talked to me, which amazed me, since they've been taking to not saying much to me lately. Maybe the football game won't be as torturous as last time ^^. Then after classes (4pm), me and Noa zonked out in our living room area of our dormitory. We watched about 3 hours of the Sci-Fi channel, the FAKE anime, and Oresama (the Miyavi movie, which made us use our fangirl squee's way too much -.-;). I actually got to relax o.O;. I've been very busy lately. But college is great ^^. I suppose I might survive, but you never know.

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