M (snowym) wrote,

I am officially back from my cousin's wedding. The ceremony was really pretty, and I managed to not die during the wedding reception when relatives were bombarding me with tons of questions. Plus, I talked my mother into stopping at a mall and a few book stores on the way back home, so I got to shop a little bit ^^. Did anyone else know that there was a novel of Gravitation o.O;;;? And that it's been translated? I bought it yesterday, promptly after finding it on a bookshelf. It's pretty cute, so everyone else who is as addicted to the Gravitation series as me must go acquire it ^^.

On a more frightening note, a few hours after I got home yesterday, there were severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings going up. It was really scary, I was wigging out >.>;. Thank goodness that a tornado didn't touch down in my neighborhood, but I found out this morning that in town, 3 houses got demolished, and one man died from being thrown by the tornado when he went outside to get to shelter. There was quarter-sized hail all over my yard when I got home from the shelter, so I put some in a baggy and stuck it in the freezer. I wish I could've gotten some of the hail from my brother's town, because I saw on the news that there was baseball-sized hail there. It was absolutely psycho @_@;. I hate tornados so much, they're so scary. *frivels around unhappily*

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