M (snowym) wrote,

Wow, I haven`t updated in awhile. I haven`t really had internet connection until a day or two ago either though, so I guess I forgive myself.

I`ll make a more detailed journal entry in a few days, but I`m currently high on unpasturized apple juice and tired`ness. Quite a bit has happened, or for me anyway. Adventures were had, things were bought, and I think I`ve walked about 5,000,000 miles since I got here XD. Tokyo is so cool though ^^.

I`m at a school festival at the moment though, so I must return to it. I just needed to get out of the cold for a little bit, because it is really crazily chilly today. Now that I can feel my feet and hands again, I suppose I should go numb them again.

My internet times shall be more regular soon when classes start up, so maybe I can catch people online on AIM again soon. *snuggles f!list* I miss talking to you all! The timezone here is still messing me up (I`m 15 hours off from Missouri, USA time), so I`ll do my best to be of coherent minded`ness to leave interesting recountings of events.

For now, I`m going to go freeze my booty off. Ja mata!

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