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Apr. 13th, 2006

Today is the 15th day that I`ve been in Tokyo, and I`m having an amazing time ^^. I`m living in the section of Tokyo called Toshima-ku, and inside of that, I live in an area called Ikebukuro. Within walking distance of my apartment (you must extend your definition of "within walking distance" when you live in Tokyo XD), there are 2 shopping malls, 3 doujinshi/manga stores, 2 anime stores (1 of which is 8 stories tall), and a bunch of other amusing shops, such as the often perused Hyaku Yen stores (which are basically $1 stores in America). The living space is pretty miniscule, but it has become home (Noa is rooming with me, by the way).

I walk 50 minutes to the college every day I have class (Monday - Friday). I signed up for 3 language classes (grammar, kanji, and speaking/listening), Ikebana (flower arranging), and Shodo (Japanese calligraphy). Also, one of the English teachers (who ironically can`t speak English very well) has roped me and Noa into being teacher`s assistants. The language classes are pretty nightmarish, but hopefully I`ll survive. Ikebana, while boring, seems like a blowoff class where you play with flowers. Shodo seems cool at the moment, although it`s taking me forever to do the homework ^^;. Being a teacher`s assistant is fun so far, although I`m terrified of public speaking, which we both do a lot in there for him, so I may die of nerves.

Sometime I`ll bring my handwritten journal I`ve been keeping with me to the computer lab (where my internet access is always had), so I can properly reiterate the details of life so far that amuse me, but will probably bore most. Too bad >3. I can`t remember everything that`s happened (which makes it a good thing I`m keeping a journal ^^;), but I shall write some stuff from my journal on here soon.


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Apr. 12th, 2006 11:16 pm (UTC)
Well I most of this from your emails and it seems like you're doing great over there! Classes doesn't seem as stimulating though. XD But omg, I bet your English teacher jumped at the chance of making you two TA's and relieved he didn't have to teach English too much. XD *snuggles you both* EASY A!! You can doooo it!

I WANT TO READ YOUR HANDWRITTEN JOURNAL!! I bet it'll amuse me too. XD *snuggles you lots* GANBATTE M!!!
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