M (snowym) wrote,

[PoT] Body Language [PG - Momo x Kamio]

*throws love out to Helen, Chibi, and Kishu* Omg, look! I didn`t stop writing! Sorry for the shoddy first attempt at one of my favorite pairings, though ^^;. *slinks away*

Title: Body Language
Author: M snowym
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Momo x Kamio
Rating: PG
Warnings: anger! love! possibly other emotions!
Note: This was the first thing I wrote when I got to Japan, and I was highly jet lagged. So please forgive the nonsensical`ness that may ensue, because I don`t really feel like beta`ing XD;.

When together, Momo and Kamio almost always fight.

Part of this may be attributed to the fact that they speak two different languages. The other part is attributed to the fact that they both enjoy arguing.

It would often start over a missed ball in doubles, or a stolen sushi roll at dinner. Sometimes there isn't even an actual occurance. Just their beings coexisting simultaneously form a clash.

At times like these, Kamio only hears the violent pulse, eyes nearly flashing red to the erratic beat. Momo speaks in nothing less eloquent than a fist against the wall, brashness and brute strength taking over. The music wells up and over as the fight begins. The thought of "Momo and Kamio" is seemingly impossible again, just as everyone predicted.

Eventually, the beat slows back down, though. The muscles lose their constant tension, the readiness to attack. Momo grabs Kamio's hand and presses it to his chest, reassuring him that they are hooked into the same rhythm. Kamio hits Momo on the shoulder, before putting his hand into the other boy's larger one. They can hear eachother again, and even if they can't always understand all the words, there is always body language.

Momo and Kamio fight a lot, but being together is worth fighting for too.
Tags: fanfiction, momo x kamio, prince of tennis, rated pg

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