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[Prince of Tennis] Honesty [PG - InuKai]

Title: Honesty
Author: M snowym
Pairing: InuKai
Rating: PG
Warnings: studying, noo~o!
Note: All the engrish here is getting to me, I do believe. I love it, and think it's hilarious, but it makes it difficult to write in logical English XD. Feh, like I need logical English for my fics anyway XDD. This is unbeta'd, so maybe I'll try and make it not suck as much at a later point in time XD. I should really look over things before posting, but there ya go ^^;.

There was something alarmingly captivating about the way Kaidoh's lips protruded so daringly from beneath his nose, before retreating back into the line of his chin. They were interesting, and because Inui was honest with himself-- they were beautiful... but because he couldn't be that honest with himself, they were also sexy.

Just about then, Inui bit his own lip and looked away. Not because his train of thought though, as that was his train of thought when around the other, for the most part. It was because Kaidoh was hissing in mild discomfort once again, which was understandable, as Inui had been staring once again. Opaque lenses did not hide much at such a close distance. The close proximity was another one of his problems, if he were willing to be truly truthful, which he didn't quite feel like attempting at the moment.

So Inui moved his knee away from where it had been brushing Kaidoh's own under the desk that was made for one, but was currently cramped as it was housing both boys for the spur of the moment study session. Not much studying was being completed though... just mainly staring and hissing.

Speaking of such, Kaidoh was once again hissing, which meant Inui was staring, so perhaps a bit of honesty was in order. The pressure of his own dry, slightly chapped lips couldn't have been very nice, honestly, but it was enough to silence the other's continual fshuuuing, rather than to incur more of it.

They two boys parted quickly, but when Kaidoh asked for help on chapter 7 of their textbook, their knees were suddenly touching again under the small desk.

Inui cleared his throat and began to explain.
Tags: fanfiction, inui x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated pg

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