M (snowym) wrote,

Muah, I'm pretty much beat for the day ^^;.

Two girls that I went to college with in Tokyo transfered to MSSU this semester. They arrived today, so me and Noa played tour guide and such all day. I adore those girls, but I can't help but being sleepy now XD;. The most entertaining thing was taking them to Wal-mart, as there is not such a beastly creation in Japan XDD. Momo would just take off in a random direction, and I'd run off after her, because getting lost in a Wal-mart is a highly easy thing to do XD;. I refuse to send a letter to Momo's and Yuki's parents, saying "I'm sorry... I can't find your daughters. They're lost, wandering in Wal-mart somewhere (aka dead)." No such tragic responsibilities for me, thank you very much.

I'm happy they're both settled in now. The school is keeping them crazily busy with random foreign student orientations, so at least they won't be stuck with nothing to do all day, until all the other students move in.

Now I shall go crochet until I fall asleep XDD. I'm gonna' make me a pimp!scarf-- it shall be spectacular. Or maybe I'll just sleep, and crochet later ^^;. That sounds good too.

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