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Make it stop... Please?

Hey, I'm afraid to ask you for I want to know so much
But, if I open my heart, I feel that would be the end
And there is only one thing...
Still, I will love you more

*the computer speakers are chucked out the window*

Listening to one song, a song that isn't very good in the first place, so much is very bad for the health. I always do this to myself o.O. I'm still trying to recover from my last bout of over-exposure to a single song. I still randomly shout "VERY PRETTY DANCE!" in various places, when me and my brain don't collaborate on what to do when not busy in public places. *glares at Aya Matsuura for her evily-catchy songs* Oh well ^^.

My lesson for today is to never listen to a song more than 10 times in a row. Ah, forget it, I can't do that. No more than 48 hours of one song then, maybe I can handle that. Maybe. Eh, maybe this stupid song'll inspire me to make more scary fanart ^^. That could be fun.
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