M (snowym) wrote,

I... have been doing a really awful job of posting in my LJ lately XD. As in, not posting at all ^^;. That'll change now, so if anyone is indeed still interested (or ever was ^^; ) in the goings on of my life/ fic postings/ fanart postings, that will resume now. Or moderately, anyway, since school has been eating my soul lately ^^;.

For a lack of a better place to put it all, I just created m_nihon, a place where I shall post random stuffs about my time in Japan. Basically just a reiteration of my journal I handwrote while there, pictures, and other stuff I deem relevant ^_^. It's more for myself and close friends to look at, as I don't see why anyone else would care, but anyone's welcome to come join, comment, or whatever.

I miss getting on the internet though ^_^;. I shall fight for strength against my current cold, and try to stave off the army of homework that is constantly trying to defeat me, and make some time to just be a bum and chat with my friends on AIM or whatever XDD. I love you all! Really! *pulls everyone into a group snuggle*

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