M (snowym) wrote,

stuff, stuff, and stuff

I'm skipping classes today, due to my feeling like absolute crap, but at least my dorm room is getting clean ^_^. I'd kinda let my side of the room go to hell in the past couple weeks, so now stuff isn't puking all over the floor. Hooray! I knew something good would come out of this random sickness.

My father went to Wal-mart before work, bought me some non-drowsy cold medicine, Sprite, apple juice, and omg-yay! a huge bottle of Tylenol PM. He is now officially my favorite person of the moment XD.

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday... so hopefully I feel a bit better by then ^^;. I have no idea what I'll do tomorrow, but I'd like to at least be able to hang out with a couple of friends, without getting them ill also. That would suck ^^;;;.

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