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Yay, I suppose I'm officially 21 years old by now!

Even though I can't celebrate with my family, they all called me at random intervals throughout the day to wish me well ^_^... except my father had ulterior motives behind his call. He forgot his wallet, and was almost out of gas, so I went and visited him for a few minutes while he was at work, and gave him $5 so he could get some gas to get back home XD;.

When I woke up from my Tylenol PM induced sleep, Noa lavished me with a present wrapped in newspaper (the wrapping paper of choice between me and my friends XD; ). Yay for a Gravitation novel ^_^. I deemed myself lucky enough to receive a wad of newspaper, but she actually got me a gift XD;. And tonight, apparently Rebecca's gift to me is buying me some alcohol XDD;.

I'm feeling a lot better now-- the medicine was helpful ^_^. *dances around happily, but gets a bit winded as she's not 100% back yet ^^;*

Sankyu everyone that sent me a random message! It's nice to know that you guys were thinking of me ^_^. *snuggles Stallion, Kishu, Helen, Chibi, Carly, and other random people who inadvertently got pulled into the mass of happiness*


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Sep. 21st, 2006 12:46 am (UTC)
M-SAMA I NEED YOU TO PICK A COLOR (OR MULTIPLE COLORS)!!! I am currently trying to finish up my essay... i.e. make sense of it... but I'm going to do a birthday post when I'm done! HENCE I NEED YOU TO PICK TEH COLORS!!

I don't know if I can manage a pose but we'll see. ^o^ *loves*
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