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-.- < Zzzzz...

I am not dead! I find this an outstanding accomplishment on my behalf. I'm so tired its not funny o.O;. Or maybe mildly funny. If you could see the way I'm half slumping out of my chair right now, you'd probably think it were funny.

Noa went home this weekend, leaving me and Stallion alone to amuse ourselves. So of course we rented movies, its instinct. We got a video of Southpark episodes (Southpark spoofing religion is a scary thing o.O;. I'll never look at Marth Stewart or Mel Gibson in the same way -.-;.), and the movie Kung Phooey (I think that's how its spelled). I don't know why we rented Kung Phooey, but it made me slightly sad, but less than slightly happy ^^. It reminded me of that Kung-Pow: Enter the Fist movie, except marginally better. It was an amusing evening altogether. We also finished off watching the Red vs Blue season 2. So funny ^^. I hope the next season is posted soon, that was a strange ending o.O;.

As I once stated, I'm insanely tired -.-. Sleep is needed, so I'm going to go precariously fall into my bed (which is quite a feat, since its lofted up about 6 feet off the ground). Wah, my bed is evil -.-;. Oh well, it bids to me, I must rest. G'night ^^.

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