M (snowym) wrote,

fake birthday weekend, yay ^^!

Currently at my parent's house... it hasn't been too bad of a weekend ^_^. No fighting! Woo!

I think my parents and brother are trying to become my pimp ^^;;;. As birthday presents, my parents and brother decided I needed a koo computer setup. My parents got me a 160GB external drive, which is lovely, because I've been wavering on the last gig of my computer's harddrive for at least a year XD;. And my brother, being the crazy person he is, bought yet another speaker system for his computer, so he gave me his old one (which is only a year or two old, and cost a lot, just like everything else he buys ^^;; ). So now I don't have to worry about ruining my computer's tinny speakers, or blowing up the computer from putting it an MB within it's life (... bad joke XD; ) ^^;.

Of all things, we all went bowling together XD;. I haven't been bowling in years, so that was interesting. I got a 67 (woo ^____^;;;;;; ), and even though I came in last, I did better than I usually did. I had fun taking random pictures and little videos of everyone bowling. It was a crazy "glow bowling" place, which made it all the more fun, since things are always fun when black-lights are around ^_^. But even more strange than the bowling... my mom got us all to the Sears in the mall, and we got a family portrait done. Including the dog XD;. I felt sorry for the poor photographer girl, trying to get Dexter to look at the camera ^^;. So yes, this is probably one of the most family-oriented days I've had in... ever? Maybe? It was fun, though ^___^.

I also got some cash in the mail from a couple of relatives, so I promised myself to drop that money in the bank once I got back to college, but went ahead and ordered this ^^;;;. Oh Prince of Tennis movie, how I loved you. I will watch it way too much, I think XD;. Seeing it in Japan was teh shiz-- I must relive my past former glory! Now I must just bide my time until Rabu Kon and Death Note come out XD;.

Anyway, so everyone's treating me too nicely... but that's just because my family was pretending today was my birthday XD;. Bring on the fighting and bickering tomorrow-- I know it's coming ^^;.

Back to... being in my parents' presence ^^;. And playing with Dexter, yay XD;. *goes to bark at random things outside with him*

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