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Mr. International Competition (XDDDwow)

Tonight was... interesting XD;. To say the least. Holy wows XDD.

It was The First Annual Mr. International Competition tonight at MSSU... I wasn't going to go, but Momoko came to my apartment door selling tickets, so me and Noa ended up buying tickets ^^;. All the Japanese girls were going to do a tea ceremony during it, so I chanted to myself "I'm here for them, I'm here for them, I'm here for them..." for awhile, because yeah... it was basically a show of men trying to be sekushi, and I was embarrassed to be there ^_^;;;;. It was actually really, really hilarious though XD.

The talent round was quite impressive. The guy from Australia basically reenacted a Super Mario Brothers game, via lots of cardboard cutouts of clouds, bushes, and enemies (which his friends, dressed head to toe in black, carried by as he jogged in place XD). There were even sound effects! I was terrified at how much time that must have taken him to prepare ^_^;. Germany brokedance/pantomimed... China sang a Snow Patrol song XD... And Sweden was really, really drunk. They had some trouble getting him off the stage, he was holding a little impromtu concert, and kept on insisting on playing more songs XD;. He had a gorgeous voice though, every single girl in the room was swooning XD.

After the talent round was the swimsuit round... yeah, I was able to put up with that XD;. Once again, Australia went all out, and had his friends carry him around the room on a surfboard. I was afraid they would drop him, and they would all fall down the stairs ^^;;;. Very death'y. Everyone else just generally made a lap around the room in their respective swimgear, perhaps tearing their shirt off in the process XD. Just... yeah XD.

Last was the formal wear round... I might as well just say that Australia won the whole thing, because during the final round, he had on a huge trench coat, which he eventually tore off, and had a pirate costume on under it. A guy dressed like Orlando Bloom ran out, and Australia put on a Jack Sparrow wig, and they sword fought. Then when Australia was about to loose the fight, he called for help, and his friends dressed in black ran out and attacked the Orlando Bloom guy with the Super Mario enemies, and then guys dressed as Superman and Big Bird ran around the room fighting at random. Just... wow XDDDD. He deserved to win, no one else put that much effort into it XD. All the other guys just look fantabulous in their suits ^^.

It was really sad though, during intermission. Momoko came up to me, and she was crying o.O! I started flailing and asking her what was wrong... She was really upset that some of the contestants were drunk off their asses. Also, because the talent round took so long (like... almost 2 hours o.O; ), the Japanese girls had to do their tea ceremony demonstration lightning quick, and she was mortified that they didn't even have time to make tea (they just pretended), and they had to do it so quickly (tea ceremony is meant to be slow and graceful). Noa said she'd punch Sweden for her, since he lives in the apartment under us, which cheered her up XD;.

All the Japanese girls were dressed up in yukatas... and it made me sad ^^;. It just made me really, really want to go back to Japan. I will sometime again though, so I'll just be glad to be able to show Momoko and Yukie some of the less boring parts of this area of America XD;.

Anyway, I've got a really annoying day ahead of me, so I'd better try to get some rest. Marching band will take over my entire day, no fair -.o;. A parade at 9am... an exhibition at noon... and then a football game in the evening? *insert cursing here* Maybe if I pass out sometime tomorrow, I'll get out of doing one of those things XD;. I can always look forward to that ^_^.

Anyway, yes, tonight was definitely amusing ^_^. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, I'm glad I ended up going. Even if it was about 4 hours long XDD;. Hopefully they'll work on keeping the time down next year. Now... sleep! *gallops away*

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