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honk honk blargh blargh

I think I may be sleep-beating myself up or something, because I woke up this morning having the distinct feeling that someone had just beat the shit out of me. I'm glad I didn't have much to do today ^^;. I was unconscious for many an hour-- I'm pretty sure someone drugged me XD;.

Stupid marching band. I blame it for my tiredness. My poor shoulders are killing me, as I am not made to withstand so many band functions in one day. I'm such a weakling XD;. *chucks her mellophone across the football field, or at least tries to do so*

On a happier note, me and Rebecca went and saw Accepted at the cheap theater. It was pretty good XD. Go watch if you haven't seen it yet, and you're fond of cheesy movies!

Rebecca said that since I slept for so long during the day today, I won't be able to sleep tonight... but that is BS. I'm still completely exhausted o.O;. What the heck is wrooooo~ng with me? *flails and is desperately sleepy*

Perhaps watching a couple episodes of Bleach will make me feel better, or at least amuse me XD;.

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