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random stuff that makes no sense, nor is important

Yus! Last midterm today, hopefully I won't go spastic from stress anytime soon, since that's over XD;. I still have stupid Homecoming to attend, since I'm in marching band, but perhaps I'll survive.

This weekend is Apple Butter Makin' Days (omg yes, teh awesome hick festival XDD) at my hometown, and I'm bringing Yuki, and possibly Momo with me on Sunday. I think they might be terrified from the strange craft-selling'ness of it all, but they'll probably actually like it. I'd have loved to go to more po'dunk festivals when I was in Japan XD. But really... why the heck do they call it Apple Butter Makin' Days? Yes, yes, they make apple butter, but it sounds so country XD;.

And honest to god, do I smell really, really, awesomely good or something? Rebecca was sniffing my back for like... 20 minutes the other night XD;. And Megan always sticks her nose in my hair every time she sees me XDD;. I should bottle my scent, it's obviously spectacular XDDD;. *dies*

Rebecca and I were sitting on Noa's bed last night, watching CSI, and right when Noa left, suddenly she tried to sniff my back again whilst grabbing my foot painfully (nande o.O?)... so I grabbed her hair, and she grabbed my hair, so I tried to elbow her, and so forth, so by the time Noa walked back in, I was of course wailing, and Rebecca was succeeding in killing me XD;. I really need to learn how to fight or something XDD;.

That's all for random creepy stories XDD. Time for marching band! *skips off to the football field, mellophone in hand*

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