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[PoT] Superfluous [InuKai - G]

Wow... it's been just about ever since I posted anything fandom related XD;. I shall definitely be posting more in the future ^.^V! My only excuse is life, and we all know how that goes. Anyway, here's me stealing disutansu's dictionary word thing ^^;;;. The best inspiration is stolen inspiration. *luffs on Helen*

Title: Superfluous
Author: M snowym
Pairing: InuKai
Rating: G
Warnings: contemplative!Kaidoh
Note: Dedicated to disutansu, because she deserves more contributions toward her P.I.K.L. efforts! Plus, she's teh cool, and should be showered with InuKai daily, but she'll have to make do with the sparse rations I throw at her ^_^;;;.

1. more than necessary:
in excess of what is needed
a lot of superfluous detail
2. inessential: not essential
superfluous to the discussion

In Kaidoh's life, there were things that were important.


Those were a permanent fixture. Always considered. Always in the foreground of thought. Everything else was just superfluous.

So when something else got stuck in the glue, instead of sliding off, as usual, he couldn't help but be surprised. But the glue had already dried... so separation would be far too painful at this point... which was Kaidoh's excuse, anyway.

So Kaidoh kept on training, playing tennis, and being respectful, while allowing Inui his place amongst all of those things.

He grasped his tennis racket, and looked over at his senpai standing beside him on the court.

Kaidoh hadn't realized when it happened, but it was nice being able to hold onto something, and not just let it roll off. Not everything had to be superfluous.
Tags: fanfiction, inui x kaidoh, prince of tennis, rated g

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