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Helen! Helen, look over here! Did you know? I shall tell you! Helen-sama = <3<3<3 ^___^!

I got some calendars in the mail today, courtesy of disutansu. Not just any calendars, but Wentz and Teppei calendars XDD. I was quite shocked-- the calendars were HUGE XD;. *scootches all the current posters on her wall over, to make room for the MUCH-LARGER-THAN-LIFE WaT boys ^__^*

Helen, did you know the calendars were that big XD? Noa and I were squeeing over them for quite awhile, whilst trying to figure how to hang them up XDD;. I'll figure it out somehow. *nodnod* Anyway, yeah, THANK YOU HELEN-SAMA XD! *loves more than what is legally appropriate x 1,000,000,000,000,000,007 + infinity* I do not deserve such a good kouhai! *makes plans to retaliate XD/>3!*

Other news, I'm forming major headaches, from dodging/trying to answer questions coming from my mother. She says she's already accepted the fact that I want to go back to Japan sometime, but she's sure giving me hell about it regardless, then ^^;. Oh, visiting my parents is always such the joy. Tomorrow I shall be confined in a car with them for several hours, so it should be okay if I hide from them tonight-- they can rip me apart tomorrow. *nodnod* I JUST GOT BACK, you'd think she would try to keep my mind off of Japan, and not on how I probably want to go back (which I do ^^; ). Anyway, yeah. I'm gonna go flop ovah now, it's been a rough week of homework, although the birthday gift from Helen cheered me up XDD;. *LOVES ON HELEN AGAIN!*

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