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I just saw my friend Valerie on the news... hugging Claire McCaskill (Missouri's Democrat running for Senator) XDDD. *dies* I just can't see Claire McCaskill without thinking of all those slander commercials against her by Jim Talent (Missouri's Republican running for Senator) there have been. CLAIRE MCCASKILL HATES VETERANS, TAX PAYERS, AND OLD PEOPLE! I shall have to ask Valerie if she was nearly overcome by the evil XDD.

Wow, this post sure is all politcal'y, for someone such as I who really does not enjoy politics. But I might as well get this out of the way, because there's such MEGA-BIG-NEWS! Yup... you guessed it...

George Bush is visiting my college, supporting Jim Talent? That's... so weird XD;. I would avoid the whole affair, but I think the marching band is playing or something o.O;. It would be nice, as Rebecca said it, to "look the man that has done so much to/against our country in the eye" XDD. I just wanna see if he looks so silly in person, if he's gonna be traipsing all over my campus XD.

Okay, that's all I have to say about politics. Let's never speak of it again! Of course, I'm still voting XD;. I don't have that voter's registration card for nothing.

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