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Just posting for the heck of posting, because I feel like posting, and obviously I also like using the word "posting."

Nothing goin' on for me, except homework, although the weekend shall behold some random fun ^_^. On Saturday evening, my brother's playing at a rock concert in The Foundry (and with 2 of his bands-- can't lose with that XD; ). Then on Sunday, I do believe Noa, Rebecca, and Val are going to Springfield, and they oh-so graciously invited me XD;. I'd damn well better be invited! *nodnod*

So hopefully I'll have a brief reprieve from homeworkin's... although I probably should not be taking such breaks. I shouldn't even by typing right now, but we all know how grand of a work ethic I possess ^^;;;. Terrifyingly enough, this semester is almost complete, so I will just have to work all that much more... or give up and break down. Hmm... I think I know which I'm betting on ^_^V.
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