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Wah, my Noa and Rebecca have left me! Still, I am successful XD;.

Wow, I think me, Noa, and Rebecca have separation issues XD;.

Noa and Rebecca just embarked on their journey for their model United Nations club, where they'll be in Chicago for about 5 days, and we all won't see each other again until after Thanksgiving break is over. There were multiple group hugs involved in the good-bye process XD.

Ahh... what in the world am I going to do with myself until Tuesday, when we get kicked out of the dorms for Thanksgiving break? I have no idea... perhaps I'll sleep the entire time, as I'm pretty awesomely sleep deprived at the moment ^_^;. *blames homework*

The day of homework hell is over! Today was the day that I had to turn in 7 pages of short story for Creative Writing, 4 pages about Katherine Mansfield for Brit. Lit., and then me and a girl named Keegan did a presentation about "The Daughter's of the Late Colonel" by Katherine Mansfield (which had to be 1/2 an hour, but ended up being 45 minutes, hooray ^_^V) which was also for Brit. Lit. I got everything done and turned in, and Dr. Murphy was really impressed with mine and Keegan's presentation, so I'm labeling this day a success. I couldn't hardly sleep last night, because I was getting so worked up about having to speak in front of the class, but I just stared at my toes or at the wall or whatever, and managed to force out what I wanted to say XD. I am indeed a wimp, but this was difficult for me, goddammit ^^;!

Anyway, yeah, I'm so collapsing for awhile. I've been going crazy over these assignments for too long, and now I don't have to worry about them anymore. So very lovely ^_^. *skips away happily*

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