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Boys Love and mah new schedule!

Well, I don't think I'll ever be watching the movie Boys Love XDD. Two reviews have forewarned me of the uber angsty'ness that it is comprised of... and I just don't have enough time to round up that many tissues ^^;. Maybe one day I'll just have the most depressing day of boy <3 movies, and watch Boys Love, Brokeback Mountain, Moon Child, and Bishounen. Oh god, if I watched all of those in one day, I'd probably do myself in XD;. *makes a note not to do that*

I finally got registered for next semester's classes, yay! Let's see if I can keep my sanity next semester just as well as I have kept it this semester (note: not at all!)! Oh well, my brain is meant to be broken, it seems ^^;.

[9:00am-9:50am] College Algebra - Johnson[3 hr, MWF]
[10:00am-10:50am] American Economics System - Johnson[3hr, MWF]
[1:00pm-2:15pm] US History 1877-Present - Laas[3 hr, MW]
[2:00pm-3:30pm] Concert Band - Raymond[1 hr, MWF]

[9:30am-10:45am] Literary Theory and Criticism - Murphy[3 hr, TTh]
[11:00am-12:15pm] Creative Writing/Poetry - Kumbier[3hr, TTh]

Heck yeah, see that 15 minute overlap between US History and Concert Band? Yay for missing 15 minutes of band everyday XDD;. For now... I think I'll concentrate on not failing this semester, rather than contemplating whether or not I'll fail next semester XD;.

Okay... time for writing papers! *gets to work*

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