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Christmas break, finally ^^;.

Yay, I found out what is wrong with my computer, finally ^^V! The logic board... somethingsomething... and even though my computer isn't under warranty, the logic board is... somethingsomething... and then they said they'd fix it for free! I was worried it was going to cost a couple hundred dollars at least >.>;. Free is always a good amount of dollars to be depleted from my wallet during Christmas season ^^;.

Finals are over with, so I have actually been able to sleep a little bit since ^^;. *is enjoying this thing called sleep, that had nearly become foreign* I think grades are coming out on the 20th of this month, so we can see if I majorly fucked up or not ^.^V.

I went to see my brother play bass guitar in some church's Christmas music thingy... and against all odds I'd ever considered, me and my parents sat behind a drunk guy. He scared the hell out of me >.>;... He really liked the song that they were singing or something, so he was clapping as loud as he could (I felt sorry for the lady in front of him, she looked in pain ^^; ), and then he turned around and started screaming at me and my mother to clap... so we just looked at him in horror ^^;;;. Finally, he just got so completely disgusted with us, that he went out in the isle, and was yelling at the whole room. Some workers came and dragged him away after that, and he yelled out "May God have mercy on your souls!" as he was pulled out of the room. I was afraid he was going to come back with a gun or something-- he was really crazed o.O;.

Hmm... not much else has happened. Well... other than the MIRACLE! that is disutansu's birthday! It was on the 15th, but I still haven't been able to give her her drawing I did awhile ago, as my computer is MIA, but it's coming! You hear me, Helen XD?

Okay... time to go... sleep? Or at least unpack some of my stuff. I'm at my parent's for Christmas break, and I seem to be able to do not much of anything besides sleep, which is a 180 from me at the dorm XD;.
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