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Sankyu Kishu!

Wow... my mother threw a box at my head while I was sleeping, so when I looked at it, I found it was from kishmet ^.^V! KISHUUU, YOU USE TOO MUCH PACKING TAPE XDD;. I struggled with that box for a good 5 minutes before it conceded XD;. And inside waaaaaaaaas-- *drumroll*

A pink pegasus! I'm so dying right now-- it's too cute XD;. On the box it says it's name is Westerly (With her wings of soft pink, Westerly looks like pink skies from the far horizons of the west! XDDD), but screw that... I'm naming it Wentz (With his wings of soft pink, Wentz looks like soft pink blushes on Teppei's face and pink skies from the far horizons of the west!).

So anyway, what I wanted to say is: Sankyu for the Christmas present, Kishuwashiyaku-sama ^___^! I'm sure mini-Kishu and Wentz will become great friends ^.^V!


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Dec. 23rd, 2006 11:05 pm (UTC)
EEE! I'm so happy that you got it in time for Christmas. XDD It was such a random gift. I didn't buy anything for anyone else, even my siblings, but I was out shopping with my mother and we both saw this and were like...HEY, M WOULD LIKE THAT. So I bought it. XD

You'll have to blame my mother for the packing tape, actually. I only put, like, two pieces on, but then she got hold of it and taped it all up. XDDDD She's crazy with the tape. I wrapped the thing, too, and she added tape to that as well. Good lord, the woman's got a tape fetish.

Anyway! I am glad that you like Wentz. ^^
Dec. 24th, 2006 03:38 am (UTC)
Yeah... you're getting your gift way after Christmas XD;. Sorry! I'm just a mess lately, and can't do much right, apparently. Oh well, you won't be the only one getting hecka' late stuff, so don't feel too bad ^^;. Sorry >.>;;;...

Yay for tape fetishes! It's one of the best ones, along with bubble wrap fetishes ^_^.

I love Wentz, so sankyuuuuuuuu~u <3! There's a furry pink handle on the top of the box too XDD. My mother had a very WTF face as I finally wrenched the box open and pulled it out XD. *snuggles Kishu muchly*
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