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My brother got to my parents' house today, so we've all been spending some good ol' fashioned family time together. Since we all only see eachother about every other weekend on a normal basis, I really enjoy times like these ^^;.

...so I'll probably be away from the computer for the most part during the holidays-- pestering my family and such. I'm not adverse to e-mails or calls though, so say hiiiiiiiii to meeeee!

MERRY PRE-CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE! *loves on everyone*

And this is kind of twisted XD...

Bring me flesh, and bring me M,
Bring me pine logs hither.

Good King Wenceslas
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

If I were in a Christmas song... I'd be in a cannibalistic Christmas song? AWESOME XD!

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