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[PoT] Teacups [Tachibana x Tezuka - G]

I haven't posted in a fanfic in forever, it seems like >.>;. I have been so dry of inspiration and plot bunnies, though (bad excuse, boo!). So I thought I'd look at that drabble meme list I'd started so long ago, and was actually able to write something ^.^V! Which is good, even if it's random drivel ^^;. Is this the start of me trying to finish the requests on that list? Hopefully ^^;;;!

Title: Teacups
Author: M snowym
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Tachibana x Tezuka
Rating: G
Warnings: SAP + a trip to Tokyo Disneyland!
Word Count: 365
Note: Written for trinityhelix, because she requested a Tachibana x Tezuka story with the sentence "For the last time, I’m not going on the teacups with you, Kunimitsu" in it. Trinity, I adore you! It's been exactly one year and one day since you've requested this, but here it is XD;. I have no idea if you even still like this pairing, but I thought I'd still write it anyway ^^;. I'll be a better M in the future, and more difficult to get rid of XD. *forcibly snuggles Triniteh*

“For the last time, I’m not going on the teacups with you, Kunimitsu.”

Lately, there were very few moments when Tezuka and Tachibana could just be together. Life after high school and college was quite successful for them both, work-wise anyway. Finding time alone, or god forbid, to go on a date, was definitely scarce as of late.

So why on earth did Tezuka seem to be an absolute nut case during this brief time that should have been like heaven shining down approvingly upon them?

On a fateful Thursday afternoon, during a quick lunch they’d managed to catch together, they were both flipping through their own respective planners.

“Wait... Kippei... it looks like your 28th of March is free past 10:30am...”

“Ah, so it is.”

“Mine too.”

“Yay, we’re going to Disneyland!”

Okay, maybe that wasn’t exactly what they said, but that’s what ended up happening... but who knew when exposed to any child’s haven Tezuka would have acted like... like such a child?

All the other rides were cool. They didn’t put his pride at stake, such as this pink, purple, and baby blue twirling thing of death did. They weren’t even elegant or beautiful teacups, which might’ve made the whole situation a bit better-- they looked like some acid trip induced version of a child’s play set.

But Tezuka looked so downtrodden at hearing his refusal to board the ride... it would only last about 2 or 3 minutes, surely. Plus, he wouldn’t have to see his lover look so sad. This was their date after all, and he didn’t want to spoil it.

“All right, Kunimitsu.”

Tachibana acquiesced, just as he did when Tezuka wanted to ride the brightly neon colored jelly fish ride, and just as he would when he would be asked to ride the Aladdin merry-go-round, or whatever else the other wanted.

Tezuka smiled, and tugged on Tachibana’s hand to pull him into the line for the teacups.

“Only once, though.”

“Three times.”



“Fine, twice.”

Being a business was only a facade-- Tezuka Kunimitsu was officially the biggest brat in the world.

Tachibana would ride the teacups five hundred times if he had to, though.
Tags: fanfiction, prince of tennis, rated g, tachibana x tezuka

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