M (snowym) wrote,

back to school, back to school...

Today is my first day back in classes after the Christmas break, hooray!

Perhaps I should have drugged myself in order to sleep a bit more than I did, though, because it seems like I'm having to painstakingly force one foot in front of the other in order to get anything done today ^^;. My two hour break in between classes today was spent slumped over in a booth in the cafeteria, with my iPod plugged into my ears XD;. Yay for iPod's-- I can be seranaded anytime I want now ^.^V... even if I only have 13 songs on my iPod right now, since my computer's still out of commission. *cough* Oh well, I'm always at the coffee shop. I might as well use some of that time to check my e-mail and Live Journal and stuff ^^.

So far, I'm thinking I can handle my classes this semester without dying, but stay tuned to my LJ in the upcoming months! I'm sure there will be many breakdowns and such to read about on my behalf because of classes XD;.

Well, I still have band to get to, so I'd better stop my inane LJ ramblings ^^. And oh crap, I just realised I don't have the wax to put over my braces for band... this might hurt ^^;. Damn you grillz! Okay, I'm really going now XD;.

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