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Hiro-kun is better now!

I have my computer back at last, yay!

Of course, when I got it back from the computer place, they had changed my admin password, and didn't tell me the new one... that was aggravating o.O;. So I reinstalled the system, so I could type in all the info and password stuffs myself, but the reinstallation disks weren't working... but then I found some other disks, and those worked, so yeah. IT'S WORKING! *hugs her computer, even after all the angst* But remember: staying up until 2:30am fixing your computer, and then waking up at 7:30am for classes is not conducive to actually GOING to said classes. I'm so tired right now XD;.

Although, not just the logic board was broken. The repair place found out the harddrive was also dead, so they put in a new one. Meaning-- almost all of my songs are gone, since my computer died in the first place in the midst of me backing up my songs. *headdesk*

At least I don't have to trek across campus everytime I want to use my computer though? I will slowly but surely get back all the songs that were dear to me, just you wait! *shakes fist at whatever deity hates the sight of M happily dancing around the room to her favorite songs*

Right now... I need to write a poem for my poetry class tomorrow, and make 12 copies of it before the library closes tonight. Once again, I'm starting off the year right by being slightly behind. Damn ^^;. *poetry SLAMs everyone* Fear my... umm... dope poetic skillz! Oh no, my vocabulary is deteriorating XD;... *tries to write a poem without the word "dope" in it, although it will be exceedingly difficult*


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