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It has become apparent to me that I'm not handling my new sleeping schedule well ^^;... not that I ever handle sleeping well, but I'm pretty much a corpse lately ^^;;;. So even though I have my computer back, I haven't really been online, because when I'm not drooling and saying "duuurh," I'm doing my homework that's already made itself obviously apparent in my life.

Not that I'm complaining (*coughYESYOUARE!cough*), but I just need some time to get back in school mode ^^.

Also, holiday pictures shall be scanned and uploaded very soon, as my excuses have run out on that with the return of my computer XD;. Luckily, no one's drawing is especially seasonal (sorry ^^; ), so no one'll be getting reindeer drawings halfway through January, promise XD;.

Now... to sleep. Because I'm about to keel over ^^;. Oyasuuuu~mi <3!

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